Suzuki Access 125 - Everything you need to know

Suzuki Access 125 – Everything you need to know

Suzuki’s Access 125 has been an important model in the Japanese two-wheeler’s portfolio in India. It has always been known for its robust and peppy motor, making it quite popular among Indian customers. In 2016, Suzuki introduced the all-new Access 125, which sold alongside its predecessor for quite some time. So far, it has been a huge success for the Suzuki two-wheeler brand in India.

Scooter persona

To be honest, the old Suzuki Access 125 was a bit too bulbous but the new one seems a lot more slender and stylish. However, the styling cues do remind you of its predecessor. Up-front, it gets a sloping apron with a pair of vertically stacked turn signal lights, a cube-like headlamp with a chrome bezel around it; even the rear-view mirrors get the chrome finish. The side profile includes a nice, curving character line that gives it strong look from the sides with ‘Access 125’ lettering on the side panels. Also, the exhaust shield gets a chrome look, while the rear-end sports a large silver-grey grab handle and a huge tail light setup. The alloy wheels look sporty as well. However, this scooter doesn’t match the charm of the more popular Piaggio Vespas and Yamaha Fascinos, but the Access retains its solid build.

The SE model also gets a matte colour finish. For the uninitiated, the Suzuki Access 125 sports a metal front fender and apron. The updated BS6 model also features an LED-powered headlamp. Changes have been made to the instrument cluster and while the layout is the same, the tiny digital display shows a service indicator and battery voltage level. It even features Eco Assist Lights that turn blue from green; the latter reflecting the frugal riding style. Some of the bits do feel a bit tacky though. The most welcoming change over the old Access is the external fuel filler cap that proves to be very convenient to use since the rider won’t have to step off and pop the seat open. Black alloy wheels are offered solely on the Special Edition model and the Access 125, although not as appealing as some of its rivals, still looks fresh and sturdy.

Another new addition is an easy-start system, also seen on the modern Suzuki bikes today. This system helps the ignition switch respond to a single dab, cranking the motor to life. The size of the fuel tank is down by 0.6 litres, meaning there’s more under seat storage space; in fact, it has the most capacity among all 100-125cc scooters in our market. The seat is longer; so is the footboard, the latter being the best in its segment. The Special Edition also features a USB charging port. We still wish the external fuel filler could’ve been opened with a switch at the front instead of a key to open and close it.

Scoot ahead

The engine on the Suzuki Access 125 is largely the same, meaning it gets a 124cc, single-cylinder motor but now comes with stringent emission norms and this has resulted in making the switch from a carburettor to fuel-injection. It makes 8bhp and 10Nm of torque. While on the move, the Access 125 is smooth and refined. There is a mild surge in performance that builds gradually till about 65kph; push it any further and that’s when it feels like it can’t go any faster. Even after the increase in weight by 2kgs, the scooter is still quick and peppy, making it that little quicker than its Honda rival.

The Access 125 handles well in the city and even if the motor is under pressure, it remains unstressed. Throttle response is immediate at low speeds and it pulls rather effortlessly. Even the suspension copes well with undulations with the front forks soaking in the rough stuff without any hesitation; you don’t find yourself bouncing about on speed-breakers. There are no vibrations that can be felt what-so-ever, even if pushed hard. Performance-wise, the Access 125 does impress. The Access stays stable at high speeds and the 12-inch front wheels induce the rider with some confidence. The optional disc brake up-front feels confident when cutting down speed and the brake levers offer good modulation. Brake hard however, and you’ll hear the tyres squeal a bit.

Go for one?

The Access 125 is all the scooter you could ever ask for from Suzuki Bikes, for it comes with modern tech, a few more features and an updated engine. It’s a combination of all good attributes, made even better. Also, grab the latest info on new bikes, only at autoX.


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