Top 4 Notable Features of Freightliner Semi Trucks

Top 4 Notable Features of Freightliner Semi Trucks

In case you are thinking of getting a new semi-truck, it can be worthwhile to consider purchasing a Freightliner. Regardless of whether you acquire a new or a used one, you will surely be able to benefit from its top notable features. This article lists down some of the best features that will make a Freightliner truck purchase worth every penny you spend.

Fleet Software

One of the most notable features of Freightliner big rigs is its visibility fleet software that will provide you with a piece of real-time information about where your units are. In this case, you can also consider exploring online sources because this is where you will be able to find some of the best Freightliner semi trucks for sale that offer this feature. With visibility fleet software, not only are you able to monitor the whereabouts of your units, but you will have the opportunity for better route planning. This can largely enhance the efficiency of your overall processes.

On-board Tablet

Another notable feature of Freightliner trucks is the onboard tablet that can pave the way for seamless coordination between your fleet control center and your truck drivers. This can be attributed to the fact that the tablet that comes with the Freightliner big rigs can be used for two-way messaging. However, apart from fostering communications, the tablet can also assist the truck driver when it comes to navigation. For this reason, the overall safety and productivity of the truck driver have improved significantly.

Virtual Technician

Freightliner big rigs also feature a virtual technician with the capability to assist the drivers should they find themselves in an unfortunate situation of having their semi-truck break down. Not only is the virtual technician useful in diagnosing or detecting the problem, but it can also help the driver resolve it as necessary. Thus, the truck driver is safer when traversing the road because any problems with his big rig are promptly addressed.

Emergency Brakes

Finally, Freightliner trucks are equipped with an emergency braking system that proves to be beneficial when it comes to surprising situations. This proves to be beneficial not only in high traffic conditions but during long drives as well. The system not only detects the traffic surrounding the big rig but also detects the motion of pedestrians around. As soon as it discovers slight movement nearby requiring the driver to hit the brakes, the system of the big rig will be able to notify the driver through visual and audible alerts. In case the truck driver fails to respond according to the alert, the truck will stop automatically.

Final Word

The notable features of Freightliner semi trucks listed above are only some of the ones that you can take advantage of when you purchase either a brand new or a used one. Freightliner big rigs have several other features that are worth exploring. The key is in figuring out your needs and preferences for you to be able to get the right Freightliner truck with notable features that will be able to suit them.


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