How to sell your car privately?
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How to sell your car privately?

The used-cars business has grown significantly in the past few years. There were record sales of $40.9 million in 2021, a 10% increase from the previous year. 

With the increased demand for used cars, you have a good chance of selling yours at a good price. However, selling your vehicle to a dealership might not be the best idea because you’ll have to share the profits with them. 

You can get better offers selling privately. 

How To Sell Your Car Effectively 

The following methods will allow you to sell your car without a dealership: 

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Shape 

The first step to selling your vehicle is ensuring it’s in good working condition and can attract buyers. When it comes to a car, you have to check multiple factors. From the engine and headlights to the air conditioner, everything counts. Inspecting the car yourself or hiring a car inspection would be best. 

Cars tested and approved by car inspection services have a good chance of getting high prices. 

  1. Keep Your Car Clean 

Dealers spend a lot of money cleaning cars and preparing them for sale. It is one crucial factor that gives dealers an upper edge. You can use the same tactic to prepare your vehicle to attract buyers.

You can also pay someone from any car cleaning service provider to clean your car. Even If your car works perfectly fine, no one will buy a dirty car. Your car interior should be equally neat and clean along with the exterior. 

  1. Price It Right

Price is crucial in selling your car because cars with high prices are not likely to sell soon. Selling a car privately gives you a higher price than the dealership. However, it will be best if you do not surpass the market value of the particular model. 

Find the average selling price of your car by researching the market and checking it with online marketplaces and dealerships. Moreover, find people who are selling privately the same model as yours. Through these methods, you will be able to know the right selling price, allowing you to sell your car faster. 

  1. Advertise Your Car On The Web

You can advertise your car on Auto Trader, eBay Motors, and These websites host many potential customers interested in buying used cars. 

Create your listings on these websites by clicking attractive and high-quality pictures and adding a detailed description of your car. Try online tools like PosterMyWall to create car sale flyers in no time.

You should post your car listing on multiple similar sites to increase your chances of selling your car faster and at your desired price. 

  1. List Your Car On Facebook Marketplace 

The Facebook marketplace has become increasingly popular for locals to sell in their area. Moreover, various local Facebook groups will help you sell your car locally for better prices.

The best thing about the Facebook marketplace is that it is entirely free. It also allows you to have easy interactions with interested buyers. You can also post the listings from your phone. 

  1. Use Other Social Media Platforms 

Research shows that around 76% of sale purchases occur on social media sites. So why not put an ad or at least a post up on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok?

You do not have to go through a typical process to sell on social media. Use PosterMyWall to design social media graphics for your car ad. Put all the necessary details in your car ad with an attractive photograph, and you are all set to sell your car without blowing your budget on spreading the word. 

  1. Offer Test Drive 

Test drives are an integral part of the car buying process since prospective buyers want to be sure that they are making a good deal. 

However, before you offer a test drive, get insurance coverage for your car. Otherwise, you risk losing the car and its entire value if the buyer crashes your vehicle during the test drive. 

You can acquire test drive insurance. Getting insurance is not bad if you want financial protection for your expensive vehicle. However, test drives offer satisfaction to the buyers and prompt them to buy the car. 


Many people prefer not to sell their cars through dealers because of the price. Instead, they wish to sell it by themselves. Conduct the research first on which platforms to use and prepare the advertisement accordingly.

Get the right price for your car by selling it privately. The above tips and strategies can be handy and cost-effective.


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