Mileage Correction Devices: The Last Word In The World Of Automotive Technology

Mileage Correction Devices: The Last Word In The World Of Automotive Technology

One of the most critical circumstances influencing the cost of an automobile when it is traded is its mileage. It is for this purpose that car mileage correction is a top-rated service today. When a car owner puts his car up for sale, he can opt for this service.

There are precedents when sellers are attempting to reveal all the advantages of their automobile, and in such cases, mileage correct procedure can be beneficial. The mileage correction device is the best solution. You activate it when needed, and the odometer numbers freeze. The installation is simple, the price is pleasant, the device itself can last for many years — what else is needed for every lover to spend time behind the wheel?

Why Adjust The Odometer

A distinguishing characteristic of odometer modification is the unblemished security of the device for the car. When applying it, everything happens naturally, and there is no intervention in the performance of automated systems.

This odometer freezer acts as a filter. It does not produce any signals but blocks impulses from ABS sensors and other elements that go to electronic units to track the mileage.


  • Stop the run and do not allow data to enter the odometer.
  • Eliminate any failures in electronic units and systems. There is no influence on the ECU, which implies that there are no prerequisites for the appearance of DTCs.
  • The odometer stop device does not contrast with other systems.

In general, the use of such a filter is profitable. The lower the mileage, the more beneficial a car can be sold. If your automobile looks much fresher than its mileage, adjusting it will be the best resolution.

How It Functions

When the device is on, the electronic units of the car do not record the distance traveled after activating the device since the speedometer freezes. Therefore, the filter functions primarily as an element that blocks the modifying of readings in the speedometer. By the way, during its installation, it is not needed to solder any wires. Among other things, the filter can be independently adjusted to suit your needs.

The device is mantled behind the dashboard and cannot be detected. In addition, it is not apparent to dealership scanners. It is an element that does not generate any signals. The odometer stop is enabled/disabled using standard buttons.

Every vehicle owner needs it because there is constantly a need to stop the numbers on the speedometer. Consequently, a device for correcting and freezing mileage for cars of different classes is the best solution. The best product on the market — the mileage correction device — has a high quality, is entirely safe for cars, and will last for many years.


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