What Makes Kenworth Unique from Its Competition?

What Makes Kenworth Unique from Its Competition?

There are a number of heavy-duty truck manufacturers out there, and some have definitely made a name for themselves among truck drivers and owner-operators alike. Kenworth is one of those names well-known in the trucking world, with its considerable amount of high-quality trucks available. 

It was Louis Gerlinger Jr. and George T. Gerlinger who established Kenworth Trucks Inc. in 1923. In the years since then, the manufacturer has proven time and time again that they have what it takes to produce reliable and efficient vehicles. But what is it, exactly, that sets Kenworth apart from the competition? 

Kenworth Engines and Powertrains

Kenworth makes sure to check a truck’s engine multiple times so they can discover any issues and fix them before declaring the truck road-ready. On top of that, Kenworth trucks use a PACCAR powertrain to help ensure they work effectively and efficiently.

The engine, axles, and transmission all work together so well that any truck can handle heavy loads while also being as fuel-efficient as possible. This then helps drivers and owner-operators save on fuel costs, which can definitely add up over time.

Kenworth Trucks and their Aesthetic Appeal

Different models each have a distinct look to them. For instance, the Kenworth W900 has a classic look that veteran truckers have grown to love, while the T680’s more aerodynamic look is more streamlined and appeals more to newcomers to the trucking world. 

Plus, owner-operators who want to customize their truck’s looks will find that Kenworth allows buyers to custom-make a truck. Since they can choose everything from the engine to the dash and steering without completely breaking the bank, This means that a Kenworth truck’s eye-catching or appealing looks could stem from both the exterior and the interior. 

Kenworth Makes Safety A Priority

This truck manufacturer prides itself on their engineers’ focus on safety, which is the goal from the beginning of the manufacturing process. From lower cab windows to add visibility and positioning the seat in such a way that drivers can reach the instrument panels easily, driver and road safety is the driving force behind a good part of the truck’s design. 

Besides the design of the cab, it must be known that the trucks have bumpers with incorporated sensors, and the windshields can have cameras mounted on them to warn the driver of potential obstacles and changes to surroundings they might miss otherwise. Plus, the ventilation system is meant to provide an uninterrupted flow of air through selected areas in the cab to keep the driver from falling asleep behind the wheel. 

As you can see from the points given, Kenworth has a lot going for their trucks. Even if purchasing a truck is a big investment, there’s no question that looking for a Kenworth W900 for sale – or any of their truck models, for that matter – is one of the best options. If you want to get started looking for a Kenworth truck of your own, visit UsedVending.com.


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